Data mining on employee data

So now we have grown to a healthy number of 6 – May our tribe increase.

And I thought how about doing some data mining on our junta to figure out, what are the key characteristics of those who pass through our live in tests before the marriage. Here are some interesting facts to give you all the cheat codes to become a 4i team member.

1. 50% of us cycle to work.
2. 50% of us have had a brush with the law enforcement agencies as our bikes were picked up for parking wrongly in front of Divyasree.
3. 50% of us love to come to office in shorts and keep our feet on table while working, but can not due to the reasons which can not be disclosed on a public forum.
4. 50% of us are from IIT Kanpur.

Let me stop otherwise the number of characteristics will become more than the team size.


  1. Wish you guys the best of luck, i think u guys are going the right direction in terms of building an India centric approach atleast from the first cut. Most guys i see are trying to replicate western models more for the sake of immediate valuation rather than creating long term value.

    Keep going India needs more people ventures like this.

  2. Hello,
    50% IIT Kanpur has given 80% North Indian touch to this site.
    I have a rant about the food
    Why do you Folks just focus on N Indian food ?
    The average foodie wants to try local karnataka food also.
    AskLaila is a good approach but it needs to blend into Bangalore.
    Well…you might argue…its your site and your money.
    But then…you would be naive !
    Anyways…Wishing you 4 all the success!

    -DaGuyWhuAskedLailaSomething 🙂

  3. Hi Ramesh,

    All IIT Kanpur folks are not from North India 🙂

    Few quick links for you to find good south indian food in namma Bengaluru.

    Enjoy your food and continue to asklaila.


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