When I wanted to join a startup, most people were shocked. They still wonder why. Here’s my take on it.
The learning process, in a startup I feel is at its best. A few examples from my own experience might thrown in more light.

1. I’ve been more organized than ever (really can’t believe this myself..)

2. More ownership, means more responsibility (“With great power comes great responsibilities”)

3. I think I’m getting better equipped each day for the new challenges to come

4. I’m not dozing off at meetings!!

5. Its a very close set of people, means more interaction, more learning and more fun!


  1. Sounds interesting. I know how it feels. Specially when you leave a the comfort zone of a brand name and try to join somewhere else, people tend to ask why. In my case, some of my friends still think I am mad to be crazy about startups 😉

    All the best guys. Sometime back, we started on the same building{riya}, same cubicles…I hope you guys gonna rock!

  2. I agreee Startups are fun to work. In my case it became difficult working with a big brand after have a long stint with a startup. Good things about startups –

    1. There is a steep learning curve as there are lot of unknowns
    2. The teams are better knit. We know each other.
    3. Mistakes are tolerated and we learn from them.
    4. We are able to mold the organization as per our vision.
    5. Sense of pride and ownership is very high

    There are lots more but I will not dwell on those. The only problem I found with startup was with my relatives who didn’t understand where I was working.

  3. yeah… when one is startupping… one is “relatively” alone… they just don’t get it…

    but it’s ok… it’s yet another one for the road

    good luck to you guys… just read about asklaila at sahad’s blog (vccircle.com)…


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