Solving things the smart way…

One of the problem with a pure tech company where people only understand technology is that they think they can solve “world hunger and poverty” with technology and algorithms. But in a real world most problems are not technology solvable nor is technology always optimum.

A classic example is the Russian and American pencil/space pen story. In India especially, you need nifty little solutions that do the job and most times they are non-tech solutions. A classic case is, in India people ask others for directions, which is much more practical than carrying a map and trying to find your route when the city is always crowded and you are stuck in traffic.

One of the core competencies that companies can boast of is of having people who can think of problems in a holistic way, getting the big picture and solving the problem than deciding the methods to solve it beforehand. And for a company like ours working in the Indian domain, it is so very important to solve things the smart way, which works and is optimum.

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