Asklaila arrives in Mumbai !

Yes, now we are multi-city !  Earlier today,we pushed out new version of our service with new data for Mumbai.

We let users scope their searches to almost 650 localities in Mumbai. You could be searching for vada pav in Dadar ,  apparel in Colaba , Outdoor italian  or mobile repair in Andheri West,  with high quality data and very localized search features like localized concept expansion, indian soundex, stemming, local abbreviations to mention a few, we aim to please.

As always – do try it and give us your feedback – we are more than happy to listen 🙂




  1. Great!

    Thank you for starting local search engine for Mumbai.
    I would take it 🙂

    I appreciate the new idea. You will have tough time covering mumbai but, I am sure asklaila would be able to get through.


  2. I like the way the change city works on top of the ‘Which part of the city’ search box. But I guess we shouldn’t have the current city that I’m in as a part of the options on the hover list.

    What do you think ?

  3. Hi,

    I was surprised to see so much of local information on the web.

    I was wondering how in the world did all that data get online in the 1st place. I am sure Asklaila guys must have had a tough time doing that.

    Anyways, good to see so much covered on the web. Thanks.. 🙂

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