New city launched – Kolkata and Hyderabad

Folks – We have just launched 2 news cities with tons of data. Kolkata and Hyderabad are the 2 new cities in the block. It is a great milestone to archive, laila is live on 6 cities now.
Both these 2 cities will also have the WAP site and sms search. So laila will give you local information over web and mobile.

You will also find events and movies running near you place in asklaila.

Do try these 2 new cities and let us know if you find any issues.


  1. Excellent job guys. I have seen you expand from one city (Bangalore) to what it is now, excellent work so far. You seem to miss out on some listings, but so far the service is the best and I have been a frequent user. Can’t wait for you to get out of the Beta!

    Great work and here’s a heartfelt thanks to the whole team, I know how much work you must have put in and don’t think it goes unappreciated!

  2. Hey Karthck,

    Thanks a lot for your comments. You just made my day ( and for lot of us at asklaila ). This is what drives us to work everyday.

    Please continue to asklaila on web, SMS and mobile.


  3. Hey Guys !

    Great Job ! I Really like the way you guys review every location and outings..
    Nice to know that you guys are in Hyderabad Now….

    Iam Creative Professional working in Hyderabad..

    Would like to suggest you some innovative ways of Brand Building & Associating with some other brands in Hyderabad….
    (I’m Sure you guys have done lots of research and other ground work)

    but however i was just curious to share my ideas with you guys…

    Great Job ! Do let me know incase you would like to listen to my ideas..


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