Get Street Smart with Asklaila

So we have something which will make you look and feel smart on the street. How many times you land up in cities without knowing where you are and what all you can do in town. Now we have a friend to help you out in asklaila StreetSmart – our smart location aware product which works with or without GPS capability on your mobile. We use cell triangulation techniques to locate you in town (Bangalore and Delhi right now) and make your searches location aware. If you are looking at finding Pizza place close to your hotel and you have no idea which part of the town you are in (not easy for a Delhi guy to write Bommanhalli and Byatarayanapura on a trip to Bangalore anyway), you can just fire Pizza as the query and we will figure out which part of the town you are in and suggest you closest places (yes, our proximity search in action in combination with location awareness).

We do have maps integrated with search to provide you a unique way to explore your city. You can easily look for information, get it on SMS/Email or directly dial the number to reach out to the business. So what are you waiting for? If you have a windows mobile phone, you can get started at Don’t worry if you don’t have windows mobile or live outside Delhi and Bangalore, we are soon coming on other phones and cities. We can assure you that we will deliver you the goods worth the wait.


  1. Great Show Guys!

    I just had one query for you. With the internet penetration that we are experiencing in India, abysmal to our dismay, what are the issues facing Ask Laila to provide search on phone? We have seen justdial create a superstory out of it and now google in hyderabad and delhi?

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