Time to chat with Laila

We have been trying to bring Laila to life on various mediums. We have already covered Web (Website, Widgets, Search Bar), Mobile (SMS, WAP, USSD) and TV in lot of it’s forms. Now Laila is coming over to you on favourite messengers/Chat Clients.

Yahoo Messenger
Add asklaila@yahoo.com to your friend list on your messenger and just get started. More details from Yahoo on how to add a friend are available at http://help.yahoo.com/l/ca/yahoo/pager/use/use-03.html.

Add asklaila@bot.im as your friend list and get started. More details on how to add friends can be found at http://www.google.com/talk/start.html.

Few things you need to remember when you chat with Laila
– Start with a “hi” or “hello” just to break the ice.
– You can always type “help” for getting help from Laila.
– Laila needs to know your city. Just type “select ”. Eg. “select Mumbai”
– The format of the query is simple – query, location. Just to explain with few examples – “pizza, bandra”
– If you thought Laila knows only about business, you were wrong. You can also ask Laila about movies and events. Eg. “painting exhibition, jayanagar” or “Dev D, Noida”
– Getting more results is as simple as typing “m”
– You can always click on the URL to see more details about on our site
– All (almost) girls love gentle language, just be kind.