Free technical consultancy for Bangalore startups

You must be kidding…… No we are not.

So first of all let me acknowledge the inspiration. It was an article by Ashish of Pluggdin fame on what Indian startup eco system lacks ( ). As all tweeple do, I also responded with my armchair opinion till it hit me that I can make an effort to solve at least some part of it.

Let us face it. Some of us are more blessed then others for reasons which are sometimes in our control and sometimes not. Some of us might have studied in better colleges, some of us worked in companies where we got an opportunity to solve problems of larger magnitude and complexity but then now it is time for us to share it with a larger set of people. So here is a small FAQ for people who are interested in talking to us.

Q. Are you guys really knowledgeable ?

A. We think we are and we do accept when we are not. Some of us have experience in building large complicated systems and some of us have worked on complicated systems in companies like Microsoft, Yahoo, Amazon and obviously Asklaila. Anyway we are not too talented on praising ourselves.

Q. Any particular domains where you know more?

A. Internet related domains are something closer to our heart. We are also shameless users of lot of opensource so that is an area where we can help. Few Tech areas where we have better knowledge



– Performance Optimizations

– Mysql

– Memcached

– Python

– Django
Q. Will this be like a classroom ?

A. The last time I was in classroom ages back, I cursed everyone. Don’t remind me of bad days in life. So this will be more or less focused session on one individual company and one or more specific problem.

Q. What type of companies do you do this for?

A. The companies which bring us Samosas, Dhoklas and Managalore Bhajji besides being a Bangalore based unfunded startup. We have nothing against companies outside Bangalore but nobody wants to eat cold food out here. Nothing against funded startups as well but I am guessing you already are burning cash for such stuff. Anyway write to us even if you are funded or outside Bangalore.

Q. What do you expect in return?

A. I answered that in the last answer. You bring in the snacks to our office and the coffee is on us. We also do not mind twitter/FB/Website mentions if you really gained from our experience.

Q. Will I really benefit from this?

A. I am as clueless about this as you are but I can assure you that we will try to pass on what we know. We can anyway assure you that we will not steal your wallet when you are in our office.
Q. I have read all this and I am still interested in talking to you guys. How do I contact you?

A. You are a brave man or women for sure. Just email us on techfundas at asklaila dot com with a short write upon technical challenges you face.


  1. This is great stuff..I just hope more companies start such informal initiatives and share/learn from each others experiences.
    Let me know if you guys need any help with this.


  2. Really good initiative guys, I think unfunded startups at the seed level will really benefit from this interaction. Cheers.

  3. Ashish/Soham/Naqvi: Thanks a lot for all the kind words.

    Vineet: You are the official beer party sponsor at Asklaila so make sure that you keep your reputation intact 🙂

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