Keep Alive – Bangalore

Few months back we started the keep alive process with laila’s data. Results?  SFSG (So Far So Good).

Well the journey  started few days back, when all of us realized that its important for us to keep laila’s data updated. There are so many new shops/merchants opening up on a weekly basis, some shut down or an address changes. We started with setting up a team and collecting information from various media. We also benchmarked the data quality to the previous data updated. After changing few process we noticed that the data quality has gone higher then the previous benchmark. This gave us enough confidence that we can build this team and they will do a great job. Now the results part, laila has been new data on a weekly basis and this process has been running since couple of months.

On an average we update more then 2k data on a weekly basis. This is a huge number to be updated on a weekly basis and will be a continuous process. I will post some new listing on Laila.
Stay tuned!!!!