1. Hey guys,
    I love your product. I have one suggestion that will make the app a rockstar!
    Add map support. It is wonderful that we have lot of relevant information. But finding the address is the toughest part. If you can just point on the map where it is, you will be worshiped 🙂
    I am watching you 🙂

  2. Cool – Thanks for the feedback. We are working on various features and also the one you had specified. We are here to make Laila more interesting and more informative.

    Stay tuned!!!!!!

  3. Why don’t you development a Mobile Based Application for the ASK Laila Search…….. I appriciated that you are open to take suggessions

    Best of luck

  4. I have actually seen your site evolving. If I’m looking for something “asklaila” is my first stop. But how are you guys making this commercially viable? Hope you are!

    All the very best,

    Sharath Bhat

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