What kept us busy!!

Past couple of weeks we were busy with many new small small changes to the UX (User eXperience). Finally we have the launched the new changes.

Home page have been changed and things are more visible. Like all the channels ( wine & dine, lifestyle, local services, shopping) are more visible with tabbed structure.

New thing which we added was events. It involved a great lot of things, other then the UI. Events are collected from different sources and then changed to the datatype we wanted. We have categorized them into the following –

  • Conferences, Conventions
  • Learning, Education
  • Art, Antiques, Crafts
  • Sales, Retail, Open Houses
  • Performing Arts, Theater, Dance, Drama
  • Music, Concerts
  • Religion, Spirituality
  • Family Fun, Kids
  • Animals, Pets
  • Books, Poetry, Literature
  • Business, Finance, Investing
  • Charities, Fund Raisers
  • Clubs, Associations
  • Community, Neighborhood
  • Festivals, Fairs, Parades
  • Food, Cuisine, Wine
  • Movies, Film
  • Museums, Zoos, Attractions
  • Nightlife, Parties
  • Other
  • Outdoors, Recreation
  • Property, Furnishing, Furniture
  • Schools, Colleges and Alumni
  • Science
  • Sports
  • Technology
  • Travel, Tours

and events for a month in advance can be seen. Well if you ask me then my favorite will be Nightlife, Parties and Technology. You can also send the event details to your friends and family over email and sms.

Yes these are some of the things that have kept us busy. Stay tuned, we will be updating some new and cool things this week.

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