Now plan out what you can do in the time you save

Search is a intriguing subject. You try to make computers do a job which humans do best. Ability to marry a user intention to appropriate search result is a one line problem but millions of lines of code and uncountable number of pizzas, cokes(pepsis too), nightouts and hard work by lots of engineers across the globe has gone in to solve this.

The various steps involved in an entire search experience are

1. A stimulant which caused the desire to search. The stimulant might be not knowing where Baluchistan is in  a conversation with a friend or you just got a call from your wife to book an appointment with a dentist.
2. Next step is to search for an appropriate tool to perform the search. This tool might be internet based technology, friends or books. Lot of us have already a clear algorithm in our mind on what source to use base don the context and in some cases we might end up using multiple tools also.
3. People who start using internet based technology have another important problem in hand. They need to figure out the keywords which they can use on search engines and effectively you have to do a search before search!
4. Once they are done with the keyword selection it is time to fire it to an engine and iterate till you get the desired result.
5. And now comes the fullfillment which might be reading up a webpage or calling up the doctor to fix an appointment.

So all this story was just to explain you the brand new features on our site which enable you to compress Step 3 and 4.

We have enabled a feature called auto suggest which keeps thinking as you type your query and keeps suggesting you options based on your selected city to ease your job and save some time on typing also.
Besides that we also have search suggestions to help you iterare better.

So happy searching and feedback most welcome.

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