We support Bus Day and you can win some goodies too

We are based out of Bangalore and we struggle through the roads everyday. A great initiative by BMTC to increase awareness about public transport and we love it. Feb 4th is being celebrated as Bus Day in Bangalore. We thought we will celebrate the Bus Day with everyone by sharing some goodies.

The process to win goodies is simple. You just need to take a picture of yourself inside the bus and send it to us on our twitter id namma_bangalore. Be creative with your photographs and 20 of you can win goodies from us which will consist of

– DVDs of World Cinema

– 50% off  discount coupon at Potluck


  1. Wow.. so nice of you folks to promote this ‘Bus Day’ initiative. I will certainly take part and you will get to see my entry! I’m already feeling lucky 🙂

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