More power to tweeple

We love twitter. Don’t you.

It enables us to put a face to millions of customers we have across all mediums and interact with them on a day to day basis. We love answering your queries and we take pride in that we do it across so many mediums. Here is another way to asklaila.

Just send your query to our bangalore twitter id namma_bangalore. We are trialing this in Bangalore and soon coming to other cities. Just check it out.

You just need to send a tweet which starts with “find”. If you are looking to find tunde kabab in Bangalore, just tweet to namma_bangalore – “find tunde kabab, koramangla” and you will see three results in your twitter account.

One thing to remember is that your queries are public as most of the content on twitter. So just make sure that your spouse is not on twitter when you fire “those” queries 🙂

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