Asklaila in 500 cities

We started on this journey four years back of building rock solid data layer for our local search business. We realized fairly early in the game that unless we have a solid foundation of good data, it is difficult to satisfy our customer needs. The customer is looking for a reliable source of information and our cities are changing at a pace where it is a continuous challenge to update and evolve our data. Over the years we figured out that what will solve the problem for us is not just technology and not just throwing lot of man power at it. What will solve the issue is a judicious mix of both and something which will integrate all processes into a single platform.

That is how our data management software platform DAISY was born. Don’t bother about the names here. After all when a bunch of guys get down to write code without any girls around, software components get named after girls. We used this platform to integrate all the processes built around data management. Each process underwent a cycle of evolution based on feedback received from people who ran it. One of the biggest partners in our journey to build great data has been our users who have actively participated in ensuring that they tell us about new places and also about places which have closed down. Our sincere thanks to all the users for helping us through this journey and we hope to continue our endeavor of bringing best in class local information to customers via all possible mediums.