Building a product in local search domain – Is data an issue?

Its an open call to the entrepreneurs(including to be) in the town – Who at some point in their life have skipped a million dollar idea in local search because the data was bloody hard to collect. Dedicated to all you guys AskLaila is launching Webster.


Webster will enable the Entrepreneurs/Organizations to use AskLaila data of over 1700+ cities to build some amazing, interesting and new products in ever expanding local search domain. As part of our Webster service we will expose different API’s which can be used to fetch info on

  • Local places like Restaurants, Pubs, Saloons, Pet shops etc.
  • Local services like Carpenters, Maid Service, Mobile repair, Driver on hire etc.
  • Movie Show Timings
  • Events happening in your city
  • And related services

Rome wasn’t built  in a day, but this much more amazing service can be set up for you in a day. And to your surprise its absolutely FREE* for nowIs this all looking too rosy? Don’t bother we are not a political party making promises before elections. Get in touch with us at 

We are already getting an exceptional response with some exceptional minds looking to dig into our exceptional data ocean and planning to cater exceptional user problems with some exceptionally exceptional products. With time running out you might have to dish out few treats 😉

*No conditions applied 🙂


  1. We are a Jaipur based Tech Startup, RAMS Creative Technologies, I’m writing this email to introduce our latest product- YeppAR, an Augmented Reality product which is going to change the way we interact with Print Brochure/Media.

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